Curriculum [Sorry, while discussing via SKYPE transnationally not available in German.] Looking forward for comments; hoping for productive, successful discussion! This is just a first draft of curricular considerations from the point of view in an interdenominational school´s available courses free from assessment. It offers considerations, a structure for 20 weeks with 90 minutes each and a draft comparison of different materials, systems or platforms. Here is the Word-Document (status 20210226 1245), in order to let You comment, exchange, erase or improve it easily. Proposal of tasks for associated sciences around ROBOTICs in ENGLISH….
ICT+ROBOTICs+ETHICs Choice of Educational Material and Subjects in Non Formal Learning Environment (elective subjects and courses) related to the level of intellectual development of students
Curriculum [Pardon, diese Seite liegt für die Dauer des transnationalen Gedankenaustausches nur in englischer Version vor.] Hier die deutsche Version.
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ICT+ROBOTICs+ETHICs Inhalte, Methoden, Systeme, Materialien in nonformaler Lernumgebung (frei wählbare AGn oder Kurse) differenziert nach Entwicklungsstand der SchülerInnen
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